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Image Open an account

  • It's easy, free and you will (most likely) receive a welcome bonus! Yes, upon opening your account you are eligible to receive complimentary vShares to begin playing.

ImagePlay in the MarketPlace

  • Now that you have some vShares in your account, trade for fun, trade for money or trade just to understand what is going on. The RankTrader Market operates similarly to a traditional stock market, you sell and buy vShares of listed websites using the same principles.

    There are however a few differences between the traditional stock market and RankTrader, one of them being that you do not buy ownership of a website, only vShares. Additionally, the Ranktrader market never sleeps! You can play 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Lastly, the introductory price of 0.01 € per vShare on every website, will ensure that you will not make a huge dent in your savings from trading on RankTrader. Conversely, with this low price you will have the financial liberty to apply many different strategies to the way you RankTrade, while having fun.

    Think of it as popularity trading, or rank trading. Trading vShares may not be "for real," however, successful trading/rankings will increase any given websites real value. This is why merely saying "I like" or giving a "+1" to a website without investing a dime isn’t going to be as amusing. Just like any game – things get a more exciting when a bit of money is involved. Within RankTrader, when your site is appreciated, it is for something, and this something may even finance that new venture you’ve been thinking about...

    Make sure you read the doc, it's really helpful to learn the various type of orders and options available.

ImageCompare Websites


ImageSubmit a site

  • Website manager can submit their site(s). Once validated, the website will be displayed in Top lists and you will be able to promote your very own IPO.
    We have also designed some custom orders, VIP Orders, which will allow site manager to disclose special deals to users who have shown particular interest to your website. This would most likely be users who have purchased shares and/or have added their sites to their favorites or fan lists.

    You will also be able to try RT Analytics, our free website visitor tracking service. It's a simple yet powerful tool , which will allow you to know: How many visitors landed on your page, where they are from and the quality of the visits on your site. Among other perks in the RT Analytics, is the capability to obtain a list of the exact origination of the backlinks which have been used to reach your site, and ultimately discover the best ones in practice!
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